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On this page you’ll find recipes for using my master recipe dough in lots of different ways, plus other uses for your sourdough starter. For more recipes and inspiration, using whole grain and ancient grain flours, check out my book.
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My master recipe process

My 100% wholemeal spelt loaf

My enriched sourdough master recipe

My fruit and nut loaf

My festive enriched babka

My cheese and ketchup babka

My baby master pumpkin loaves

My master recipe sourdough pizza

My master recipe focaccia

My sourdough manaeesh

My final proof rolls

My sourdough waffles

My bee pollen sourdough

My breakfast mix loaf

My nut butter sourdough

My sourdough cheese soufflés

My sourdough spelt banana bread

My rustic rolls

My sourdough rolls

My sourdough buttermilk scones/biscuits

My sourdough pitas

My seeded sourdough loaf

My spelt and white sourdough loaf

My sourdough breadsticks

My sourdough crackers

My buttermilk sourdough

My buttermilk and tahini loaf

My naan breads

My Uzbeki sourdough breads

My Mrs Middletons sourdough

My guide to making sourdough pancakes