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Festive enriched sourdough babka…

Take one portion of my enriched sourdough dough, add some mincemeat, roll up, cut up, plait, and bake….and create a lovely Christmas loaf! That’s what I did here…

It tastes so good!!!!! And I don’t even like mincemeat! But partnering it with this dough worked perfectly…here’s what I did…

I made a standard portion of my enriched sourdough using all white spelt flour (you can use flour/s of your choice).

This is a long slow proving dough so it wasn’t fully proved until mid morning, which was the perfect time for the next step: I turned the dough out onto the kitchen counter then stretched it out to a rectangle, matching the width to the length of my loaf pan. I then spread several tablespoons of mincemeat over the dough…

Stretched out dough covered in mincemeat

I rolled this up to a fat sausage, still matching the length of my loaf pan..

Rolled up to a fat sausage

Cut the sausage length ways to make 2 long pieces…

Cut into two

Then plaited the two pieces and lifted the whole thing into a loaf tin liner and into the loaf tin…

Plaited and placed into a liner and tin

I then covered this again with my shower cap and left it on the counter to prove again for a few hours…

And left to prove again

After a few hours the dough had puffed up…

Puffed up a few hours later
Ready to bake

I brushed the top with egg white as per my main enriched recipe, and baked it uncovered, from a cold start, at 160C fan/convection, 180C non fan/convention, for 45-50 mins. It can be baked from a cold or hot start, bake for 5 mins less in a preheated oven.

Golden baked loaf

After an agonising wait, I cut into it…

Perfect topped with cream cheese

I hope you like the look of my babka…if you don’t have, or don’t like, mincemeat, try it with jam, chutney, or any filling of your choice. And if you do make a enriched sourdough babka with my recipe, please do share it and tag me, or send me a photo of your creation…happy baking!

10 thoughts on “Festive enriched sourdough babka…”

  1. Made my boozy mincemeat enriched dough bread last week. Used 500 g mix and divided it into 2 after overnight prove. Just rolled out the 2 portions of dough, spread on the mincemeat , rolled into 2 sausage shapes and left on counter for 2 hours. Placed both on a lined oven tray and baked for 40 minutes. Next time will add a roll of marzipan in the middle before I roll . My version of Stollen

  2. I’m excited about this group bake! I actually started a batch of enriched dough yesterday and was greeted by a large container of dough. I was scanning the blog and saw this months group bake. I’ve never made babka before, so why not now? I’m doing a cinnamon babka and have it on the counter for the next 3-4 hours before it goes in the oven

  3. I have loved making this in many different guises, turned it into a jewelled Stollen with multi coloured glacé cherries, nuts and a drizzle of glacé icing. Fabulous recipe

  4. Hi Elaine, here in Australia mincemeat is actually minced meat as in ground beef, do you have a recipe for your mince meat which looks like minced fruit, did you make it yourself ? Would love to get a recipe for this fruit mix.

  5. Hi, yes, they’re two quite different things. Mincemeat is packed with dried fruits, peel, and other things, it’s great to make and try. I don’t have a specific receipt but there’s a lot on line 👍🏻👍🏻

  6. The last line in your blog:

    “Check out my enriched sourdough blog for even more ideas”

    I clicked on the link, got a message indicating access is “private” and I need to log into wordpress and request access. Is there another way to access the enriched sourdough blog?

  7. Oh sorry, it’s currently under construction 🙏🏻 I’ll take that link off the post for now – thank you for letting me know.

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