How to boost your starter

If you feel that your starter has become weak or inactive, then I would suggest giving it a boost; never assume it is dead, it is usually not the case, so do not throw it away, try giving it this boost and see what happens…

Across 48 hours, discard half then feed it 30g of your chosen flour + 30g water, discarding & feeding each time, twice a day for the 2 days, leaving it covered on the counter for the whole time.

You should hopefully see quite a difference.

A note about flour, if you do not already use a strong flour for your starter, I recommend trying one. It can make a massive difference to the activity of your starter.

Also, if your starter feels thin and when it is active it only produces very small bubbles, feed it some flour only for the next feed. Stir in enough flour to really thicken your starter up then cover it again and leave it to work.

See how it feels and looks several hours later, hopefully it will be nice and active with good size bubbles like my Star in the photo at the top of this page.

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