Why doesn’t my starter behave like yours?

Firstly, starters will behave differently in different environments, the use of different water or flour, but even if it doesn’t look quite the same as mine, it doesn’t mean it’s not happy. Get in touch if you’re concerned about how it’s looking or behaving.

What is the final prove in the fridge for?

The aim of the time in the fridge is several fold: it allows the dough to firm op so that when it is turned out of the banneton it holds its shape, whilst also making it easier to score. 

It also helps to develop the flavour of your loaf, as well as allowing the baking time to fit in with life.

Why is my dough sticky?

This is usually due to the flour you are using; next time try using a bit less water and see if it makes a difference. 

Why does my dough stick to the banneton?

Your banneton needs to be prepped with a crust of rice flour, and more rice flour added when you put the dough into the banneton to ensure that it doesn’t stick.

To prep your new banneton, sprinkle the inside with water, sprinkle in rice flour, tap it round the inside of the banneton, then leave it to dry. This way it creates a virtual non stick layer.

Rice flour is non porous which is why it is perfect for this job.

Why does my dough spread?

This will be due to either your starter not being strong enough and/or your flour not being strong enough and/or too much water in your dough and/or not enough time in the fridge. 

Why can’t I score my dough?

As above, it can be due to several possible reasons; firstly, try longer in the fridge, if that doesn’t help, try less water in the dough and see if it helps.

Do I need to preheat my pan?

No, you don’t need to preheat your pan, I never do, even if you have a cast iron Dutch oven it’s not necessary.

Can I scale recipe up or down?

My master recipe is easy to scale up or down; to make multiple loaves, feed your starter sufficient flour and water to generate what you need ie 30g flour + 30g water to make 1 loaf; 60+60 for 2; 90+90 for 3, and so on.

To make smaller loaves, scale down that quantities, for example, 300g flour, 210g water, 30g starter, 1/2 tsp salt. Do everything else exactly the same and bake for 35-45 mins.

How much starter should I start with?

Start with all of it. Hopefully you are only keeping 100-150g of starter, in which case, always feed the entire amount, it helps build the strength of the starter every time you use it this way.

How much time is required between each set of pulls and folds?

There is no fixed time; fit it 4-5 sets of pulls and folds during the time you have, it doesn’t need to be at fixed timed intervals, just do them as fits in with life.

Why don’t my loaves look like yours?

No two loaves ever look the same, and with different ovens, flours & water, your loaves will be unique to you and your kitchen. As long as they taste great, that’s all that matters.

If you still have questions, please contact me directly.

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