Why doesn’t my starter behave like yours?
Firstly, starters will behave differently in different environments, the use of different water or flour, but even if it doesn’t look quite the same as mine, it doesn’t mean it’s not happy. Get in touch if you’re concerned about how it’s looking or behaving.

Why don’t my loaves look like yours?
No two loaves ever look the same, and with different ovens, flours & water, your loaves will be unique to you and your kitchen. However they should still be great, so if you are having any issues, please do get in touch.

When will orders be sent?
Orders will be sent out within 3 working days

How are orders sent?
Orders will be sent via Royal Mail 1st class

Do I need to wait in for the delivery?
No need to wait in, it fits through your letterbox

Do you provide returns or refunds?
No refunds or returns are available but please do get in touch if you have an issue