The Sourdough Whisperer

Whether you want to begin, continue and/or enhance your sourdough making, you will find it all here, but the biggest thing you will discover is how to manage and manipulate your sourdough making so that it works for YOU, in YOUR home, to YOUR timings. You will discover how YOU can be fully in control of every aspect of the process, not the other way round!

The book is packed with everything I could physically download from my sourdough brain onto the page. You will find hints and tips that I have not t shared anywhere else, you will find new timetables, new ideas, lots of step by step photos, PLUS 40 recipes all ready for you to enjoy. I cannot wait to see what you think, I really hope you will all like it xx

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‘Elaine is truly The Sourdough Whisperer. She is always there holding your hand through each step. Trust her and go with it. The results are beautiful and take away the fear of making sourdough. A must have book for everyone.

Joudie Kalla, author of ‘Palestine on a Plate’ and ‘Baladi

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‘Elaine has a sourdough superpower! Her knowledge is seemingly inexhaustible and she is so generous in sharing that knowledge. Any book she writes on the subject of sourdough is one to fast-track on to your bookshelf.’

Karen Barnes, Editor, delicious. magazine 

“Sourdough baking is approachable, accessible, and achievable thanks to this thoughtful guide. Elaine has a true talent for working with sourdough and a passion for sharing her knowledge with others. The Sourdough Whisperer combines these gifts into a must-have resource for anyone interested in sourdough baking, as it demystifies the science of working with starters, clarifies the dough proving process, and inspires bakers to further develop their baking skills. Elaine’s wisdom and her recipes have helped me, personally, to troubleshoot my sourdough challenges and ultimately bake my picture-perfect loaves confidently and with ease.”

Angela Ferraro-Fanning, author of The Little Homesteader book series

‘Bread baking at home is going through a real renaissance, Elaine is a huge part of that. Her passion for all things sourdough and supporting home bakers in kitchens or any size has been remarkable. She has created some fantastic easy to follow master recipes and simple techniques for beginners and seasoned bakers a like. Elaine’s mindset is to make the pleasure of sourdough baking accessible to all. She has been an inspiration to home baking communities across every continent. I know you will enjoy this book.’

Bertie Matthews, Managing Director, Matthews Cotswold Flour