The Sourdough Bible is coming!

I’m mega excited to announce that I have another booking coming out at the end of this year and this one is BIGGER than any of the others! It’s a hardback beauty, packed with info, more tips than ever before, with 77 recipes, including 11 ‘master recipes’, 7 ‘discard recipes’ and a whole huge amount of my usual creativity!

Perfect for the beginner, returner and experienced bakers. Everyone is covered.

I have pushed myself like never before with this book, because, if you’re going to call something a ‘Bible’ it really needs to be good doesn’t it? So I hope you all approve and that it will be worth the wait xx

It’s already online and available to pre order:

Amazon UK

Signed copies

Amazon US

Shana’s Sourdough US

Barnes and Noble

Amazon Australia

Amazon Canada

This is all coming!

🌟 Until then, check out my current books here 🌟