Goats cheese and pesto sourdough waffles

A close up of some waffles on a plate

Let me introduce you to my most recent creation….it all began when I bought a waffle maker recently, possibly a huge mistake for my waistline, but so much fun to play with!

Making waffles with starter adds the lovely flavour we all adore, as well as a great texture.

A close up of some waffles on a plate
A close up of a waffle in the middle of it

I’m a savoury eater, so you could convert this easily for a sweet option but let me assure you that these are worth trying.

I used just starter, egg, goats cheese and some tomato pesto. It’s great way to use discard if you’re making a new starter, or using up some if you’ve been building up too much, or feed up your starter for the purpose then portion out what you need for the recipe.

You could also use less starter and top up the rest of the mixture with flour and water. Personally I prefer them made with all starter for the flavour.

A close up of some waffles on a plate


Makes 1 round/4 quarters (double the quantities for 2 rounds)

200g starter (discard, unfed, fed and active and stirred down)

OR 100g starter, as above, plus 50g flour of your choice & 50g water

1 large egg

50g crumbly goats cheese (or cheese of your choice)

25g pesto of your choice (or harissa, chilli sauce, whatever you fancy)


Heat your waffle maker to maximum.

Stir all of the ingredients together well, but don’t break up the goats cheese too much. Let it sit for 10 minutes to thicken.

Once the waffle maker is ready, pour all of the mixture in (it all fitted perfectly in mine, assess how much yours needs from your own experience), close the maker and cook for 10-15 minutes or until there’s no more steam coming from your maker.

Carefully ease the cooked waffles from the maker, cut into quarters and serve.

A close up of some waffles on a plate

Tuck in as soon as cool enough to hold!

If you don’t have a waffle maker, maybe add a little extra flour and try these as pancakes or flatbreads?

My waffle maker is made by Netta and I ordered it on amazon.

7 thoughts on “Goats cheese and pesto sourdough waffles”

  1. hello
    I don’t understand about the discard as I am a new to the sourdough process.
    Currently in a morning I discard some of my starter, feed it and then wait 4 hours to take some to bake bread.
    Could I make these waffles with the unfed dough or wait until the fed dough has accelerated and then use that?
    Also….Thankyou for all of your information and recipe tips
    Jo x

  2. Hi, you can use the unfed discarded starter or fed and active, either way it works.
    As a note, unless you’re making a brand new starter you don’t need to be discarding any starter 👍🏻

  3. We made these for supper this evening using the waffles as the buns for sandwiches filled with shaved balsamic chicken breast, sliced tomato, melted swiss cheese and a balsamic glaze. Everything was perfect!

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