Making a wholewheat/wholemeal starter

You can make a starter from any wheat based flour. The following photos in this post will show you what the stages of a wholewheat starter may look like as you make it across 7 days. These are a guide as things may look a little different in your kitchen with your flour.

This has been made using the steps and process you’ll find on my ‘how to make a starter’ page and in my full video.

Day 1

The first mix will be a thick paste

Day 2

By the second day it will have relaxed and spread a little and the surface may have become darker, this is normal.
This will happen with my wholegrain flour.

Day 3

You may now start to see some activity.

Day 4

The mix will now start to show some growth and activity
And maybe n undulating surface

Day 5

You may now see some exciting looking activity and growth

Day 6

It may be a bit quieter again today, or not.

Day 7

By day 7 it should be active and growing happily
Time to use it!

If you are not sure if your starter is ready to use, continue to alternately feed it/discard and feed for a few more days until it grows several hours after feeding 3 days in a row, then give it a test run!

Let me know what you think...