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6 reviews for Book, out now!!!

  1. Karen Tacey

    Everything I’d hope for…and more.

    Well this book has delivered..on every level. It’s from one home baker to another, ( or many many more based in her followers!) Elaine writes as she speaks, from the heart with sound, easy, practical instructions for making sourdough at home. The added bonus is the grains!

    What’s not to love? It’s not complicated, no long recipes, just a book written from the heart from someone who loves sourdough and wants to share her recipes with others.

    1st class reading. Thank You!

  2. foodbodsourdough

    Thank you x x x

  3. Janice Clyne

    I was very kindly gifted a copy of the wonderful Elaine’s new sourdough book, and I really can’t recommend it highly enough!

    Elaine is a wealth of knowledge on all things sourdough and explains things in such a simple and straightforward way.
We both agree that sourdough is not about perfection, its about creating delicious nutritious bread using a sourdough starter, and believe me sourdough is the best bread on the planet, and learning to make your own is a skill worth acquiring! 

    Elaine explains everything you need to know, including how to make a sourdough starter from scratch, equipment choices, and using ancient flours.
Recipes include soft and pillowy sandwich bread, gorgeous foccacia, sourdough scones, crackers, rolls and lots of sourdough loaves using different flours.

    There is way more to sourdough than white holey bread!! Its so versatile and Elaine’s book is the only book you will need so do yourself a favour and buy yourself a copy! 

    She shares so many great ideas and is a sourdough wizard!! I have learned so much from her, she is just the best! 💕💕💕

    Janice Clyne, Nourished by Nature food blog

  4. foodbodsourdough

    Thank you so much xx

  5. Jenny Hopkins

    The most amazing book on Sourdough! It has such helpful tips & exciting recipes to follow. The imagery is beautiful & I could not recommend it more. A perfect gift for anyone!!
    I love it!!

  6. foodbodsourdough

    Thank you x x x

  7. Karin J. Davis

    I am a professional Chef/Instructor and have been baking sourdough bread for years.  Today I put all my “old habits” aside and followed, word for word, Elaine’s Master Recipe from her new book, “Whole Grain Sourdough at Home”.  In one weekend I created three of the loveliest loaves of sourdough I have ever baked in my life.  Not only were they beautiful on the outside – golden brown and sky high with beautiful little “ears”, blisters, and banneton swirls, but they tasted out of this world.  Crunchy, flakey crusts with chewy and airy pockets of soft bread inside.  Thank you, Elaine!
    Chef Karin J. Davis
    Sturgis, MI

  8. Cherie Denham

    As you read this review, I invite you to imagine Cherie’s wonderful Northern Irish accent as you read her words…she makes everything sound wonderful as she speaks…

    Cherie says:

    “I tried making a sourdough starter seven times and seven times I threw it out.

    The more I tried to get it right, the more frustrated I became when it went badly wrong. I tried the “organic apple skin in the starter to bring in the wild yeasts” method; I tried the “organic grapes in the starter” method; and I tried the “very expensive spring water” method. Every single one was a disaster but then, THEN I “insta met” Elaine on Instagram (@elaine_foodbod) and my sourdough life took a wonderful turn.

    I promise you it was an epiphany! The mystery, the fear, the nonsense was taken out of sourdough making for me by Elaine and it was just FANNNNTASTIC!!!!

    My starter – Esther, named after my Mummy, lives in my fridge until I need her. I take her out, she warms up, gets fed, bubbles and rises and I swear she calls to me to say she’s ready. At this point I’ve made a dough with her and I’ve dried some of her on sheets so that I’ll always have her.

    I love Elaine’s tip of “pour tap water, let the chlorine evaporate off overnight and use as normal”. I mean every other recipe was basically saying “use water blessed by 25 Saints at £20 a bottle”. It was a huge thing to me as I had bought so much expensive spring water in the quest for an edible loaf, beautiful looking, beautiful tasting and ready for an instagram debut.

    Elaine talked me through a few hiccups along the way…basically because I could not believe things were actually working and effortlessly so.

    I never tire of lifting the lid off my pot to see what’s happened in the oven…and the “baking starting in a cold oven!!!!!!” Flip me….. a revelation! I now bake sourdough bread for anyone I can!

    Due to Elaine’s informative, easy to follow and great photos in her book I now mix nuts, prunes, raisins, oats, seeds, bacon & cheese into my doughs (but not all at the same time).

    I make cinnamon buns with Elaine’s enriched starter recipe and they are beautiful. Through Elaine I “insta met” Ahren @thegarlictun…his lames are fabulous and my bread took on another new, more grownup look.

    Elaine and her book have taught me so much about grains, what can go into a dough, stretching and folding and MOST IMPORTANTLY relaxing into sourdough making life.

    I cannot thank Elaine enough for fixing my sourdough problems she’s so calm gentle and kind. I’ve conquered sourdough, made lots of lovely different breads and made a friend. How lucky I say!


    Find Cherie on Instagram @cheriedenhamcooks and enjoy more of her lovely creations!

  9. foodbodsourdough

    Thank you so much xx

  10. Isabelle Widmer

    Pragmatic no knead, no mess, one bowl sourdough recipes with a 100% success rate. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

    I have been baking and cooking for many years. I had a food blog. I collect cookbooks, I read recipes to relax, in bed, at breakfast, for inspiration for fun.
    I have followed Elaine’s meteoric rise from blog writer, to Instagram sourdough goddess, to now published author. Over this period we have had discussions on following recipes. She would also say, you have to follow the recipe and I would say, I always wing it. After this exchange I started paying more attention to the recipes in my books. Often crucial information is missing, the writers assume the reader doesn’t need additional information, or else they didn’t think of everything. The difference here is Elaine thought of everything. She is in the kitchen with you the whole time. Her clear instructions, her calm presence and her love of all things sourdough shine through on the page. There is nothing she has not thought of. She is a perfectionist, a pragmatist and a brilliant teacher and her desire for you to succeed is clear as you read. Her creativity is astonishing. Her enthusiasm infectious. The relevance of this book for the home baker can be summed up by the fact that it includes this FAQ:.

    I have mixed my dough, but I suddenly need to go out, what do I do?

    This tells you the author is a home baker, she understands that there is sourdough and there is your life. She integrates the two. So you can bake sourdough every day for your family, with little effort and no fuss.

    What you need to know:

    The recipes – you will find
    How to make your own sourdough starter, how to maintain it, and why it is easy to do
    One bowl, no knead, no mess master recipe
    Breads and biscuits, rolls, crackers, sweet and savoury, some examples:
    Crusted pumpkin seed sourdough
    Einkorn, cinnamon and cranberry biscuits
    Almond and raisin spelt bread

    There are breads with chilies and breads with cheese…and crackers, with buttermilk, with beer. A generous book that could easily have been split into two works.

    What makes this book extra special is the level of detail provided to ensure your results are perfect
    An introduction to the different types of flour and how they will influence the way your dough behaves
    When to expect your dough to be wet, how to use a scraper, what to do if your kitchen is cold, hot, humid, dry. Ingredient substitutes and alternatives.
    Stopping your recipe in the middle, flexing it to your schedule.
    Making your loaf crusty, making doughs more sour, less sour, softening the crust, scoring the bread, issues with scoring, using a lame, stickiness and gumminess, overproofed doughs
    What I especially love is the level of detail, in the focaccia recipe the author specifies a pan size, she then writes “if you want a thinner, crunchy focaccia use a bigger baking sheet”

    Beyond the book check out Elaine’s website, where I first came across her, or her instagram pages and her youtube videos for a taste of what the book will contain.

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