Me and my sourdough story..

Hi, I’m Elaine, and I started baking sourdough in 2013. I was introduced to it by a wonderful blog friend, Selma, who sent me some dried starter and full instructions to revive the starter and bake my first loaf.

I’ll be honest, I was scared!!! I didn’t know anything about sourdough, I’d never even eaten any, so I bombarded Selma with questions which she happily answered (the sourdough community is a passionate sharing bunch), and then I went for it…and it worked like a dream. I baked a beautiful perfect loaf, below, I was so proud, and promptly ate half of it in one go right there and then, it was so good.

This is my first ever loaf:

From that point, I wanted to learn more about sourdough, so I played around with flours and processes, had some failures but lots more successes, and I eventually perfected a method that I could use every week to bake sourdough for my son, who now won’t eat any other bread. So I needed to know it works, which is why I can safely say that if you want to try it, I KNOW that my method works!

And I love it! I love everything about making sourdough, I love the process, the outcome, but mostly, I love watching other people enjoy what I’ve created. And I hope that you will have the same love and satisfaction from your own loaves.

If you’d like to know more, please do get in touch, or have a good look round my website for help and guidance and everything you need to know xx

A more recent loaf

4 thoughts on “Me and my sourdough story..”

  1. I really wish you had been around when I started baking sourdough a few years earlier than yourself. The time (and money!) I spent researching the internet, buying & reading books, investing in unnecessary equipment …..the list goes on. Your method is foolproof and so easy to follow…and your generosity with your time & knowledge should be applauded. Keep up the good work Elaine and May your success continue.

  2. Your master recipe and tips have completely changed my life. I’ve always been a bread lover, but could never get things quite right whether it was using a bread machine or trying numerous recipes from the internet. Now my baked goods, including my boule and focaccia, are outrageously delicious and perfect. I will buy your books and send people to your YouTube channel whenever I can. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so so much, I’m so glad I could help, and I’m so glad you’re happy 😊😊😊😊😊

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