Sourdough manaeesh…

Oh. Yes. Sourdough manaeesh. Heavenly 💚

Manaeesh are Middle Eastern flat breads, often found sold as wonderfully aromatic street foods, slathered in a mix of za’atar and olive oil, sometimes with added cheese, then baked.

I used some of my master recipe dough made with strong white bread flour after the overnight prove to make these.

I turned the dough out onto the counter, portioned some out, rolled it into balls then pulled it out to flat ovals.

I then placed them onto a baking tray, slathered with za’atar mixed with olive oil, and some with added cheese, and baked at 200C until ready, around 20 minutes from memory.

Note: I poured some za’atar into a small bowl and added enough olive oil to make it a little sloppy and easy enough to spoon over the dough before baking.

Eaten whilst warm and fabulous!

Absolute perfection, if I say so myself 😄😄

Za’atar is a savoury aromatic spice mix which include thyme, sumac, sesame seeds and salt. It is often made with added oregano and marjoram too. I love it, I add it to many many of my meals, soups, salads, vegetables, eggs, all and everything.

2 thoughts on “Sourdough manaeesh…”

  1. Absolutely delicious!!! I’ve also made these as I’m blessed to have Lebanese friends who supply me with the homemade za’atar 💕💕. I definitely add cheese!! Yours look delicious and authentic!

  2. Lucky you!!! I was sent this za’atar from a friend in Palestine, it was such a perfect gift!
    Thank you so much! These are flavours so close to my heart, I love them 💚💚

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