Seeded sourdough…

Welcome to my seeded sourdough 🙂

This loaf is full of seeds as well as being coated with seeds, and it tastes as good as it looks!

I followed my master recipe on my main site (link in the left hand side menu) and folded toasted pumpkin, sunflower and linseeds into the dough in the second set of pulls and folds. You can find videos of the process on my YouTube channel.

Shots from my video

The bowl below was the dough after its overnight prove, you can all of the bubbles in the dough plus the seeds…

I filled the dough with toasted seeds, but coated the outside with raw seeds so that they toasted as the loaf baked.

The dough ready in the banneton

It was a beautiful loaf to look at, and to eat!!

Have fun and add seeds if your choice 🙂

6 thoughts on “Seeded sourdough…”

  1. Love love love seeded bread. Can’t wait to get this one underway. Did you soak the linseeds or toast them straight from the packet? X also are they golden ones?

  2. Hi, sorry for the delay! I didn’t soak any of the seeds, and I used the dark brown linseeds xx

  3. I love your recipes and follow your master recipe for most of my sourdough loaves. When I did the seeded recipe though, all the seeds that were on top of the loaf fell off. Do you do anything to keep them stuck on?

  4. Hi, thank you, it’s lovely to hear that you like my recipe ? I just roll my dough in the seeds I’m afraid, I don’t do anything special to keep them on..

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