Revive your starter

These instructions are to revive your foodbod Sourdough starter, they have been tried and tested with my dried starter. I cannot say therefore if they will work with other dried starters.

I have tried to share some photos of the process as much as I can, but as I said on a previous page, unless you keep your starter in a jar, which doesn’t work for me, it’s not that photogenic!

In the morning, using a medium sized bowl, mix the contents of 1 packet of the dried starter enclosed, with 80g of strong white bread flour and 90g of filtered, or boiled and cooled, water.

Stir it all together really well with a spoon or fork, scraping down the sides; it will be a nice thick consistency and you may already see some bubbles.

Cover the bowl tightly, using cling film or a specific lid, and leave it in the warmest part of your kitchen (not the oven).

Throughout the day give it a couple of good stirs, then re-cover the bowl and leave it.

Before going to bed, give it one last stir, cover and leave. You should really see the bubbles emerging now.

By the next morning you will have a bowl of bubbly thick starter that might look something like this. When you stir it you should be able to see and hear the bubbles, like in the video below..

This is now your fully revived sourdough starter –
time to give it a name!

Now, either store it in the fridge until you are ready to use it, or feed it 30g of strong white bread flour plus 30g of filtered, or boiled and cooled, water, stir well, cover and leave for 2-3 hours until it’s lovely and bubbly again, and it will be ready to use for a loaf.

For more details about how to use, maintain and store your starter, and how to bake your sourdough, visit more pages on the site, and…

Happy baking!