The Garlic Tun handmade lames

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Beautiful hand crafted wooden bread lames for scoring dough, each fully individual, all made from different woods, designed and created by the master craftsman Ahren-Paul Main, aka The Garlic Tun. Choose from the Classic, Dragons Tear or Sabre Tooth shapes.

This beautiful handle will hold your razor blade firmly in place to score your dough. The blade can be folded out for use, and folded away to store. It comes with a box to store it in. The lame comes in 3 different designs, and you will be able to choose the one you prefer from what I have in stock.

To choose a particular wood or style, please contact me directly. If in stock, your lame will be sent out within 3 working days; if made to order, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

The lame holds standard razor blades. Please always take careful handling the blade, store your lame with the blade folded away and in its box.

*Price includes tracked delivery to all destinations.

These show some examples of the woods that may be used to make the lames; no two lames are the same and the wood finishes available will change with each batch that is produced.

*Orders are sent out within 3 working days

*Refunds are not available but please do get in touch with any issues

1 review for The Garlic Tun handmade lames

  1. foodbodsourdough

    I love this design! You can score deeper than other designs allow, and you can use both sides of the blade. And the shape provides a good solid handle to hold.
    And I love all of the wood, and the grains are beautiful, Ahren-Paul has designed something of pure beauty as well as practical.

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