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5 reviews for Perfecting your sourdough course

  1. R. Ball

    What a great day!
    I have been experimenting with sourdough for a few months but struggled to get consistently good (and edible) loaves! During the day with Elaine I was able to have a proper ‘hands on’ experience. It started with being introduced to ‘Star’ in her state of bubbly and active gorgeousness mixing, lifting and folding then followed. Elaine suggested as I’m not a complete novice to experiment with a different flour combo – I used kamut and strong white 20:80. In true Blue Peter fashion Elaine had prepped some dough that needed its final folding resting and baking. It was lovely to feel the silky dough we’re all familiar with from Elaine’s videos. We made some delicious little buttermilk cheese scones using ‘star’ – eaten warm at lunchtime with some of Elaine’s breads and yummy dips and hummus. The day was topped off with a Foodbod Linen goodie bag with a warm sourdough boule and a packet of dried ‘Star’.
    Now home I’ve given my starter ‘Trudy’ a bit more care and attention and using Elaine’s top tips have baked some super duper bread and I’m inspired to try different flours and flavours –
    Thank you Elaine.

  2. Andy Main

    I thought that I ought to write a review of the sourdough course that I did recently with Elaine Foodbod, at her home in Milton Keynes.

    To put this into context I trained as a chef and have spent 40 years catering, and cooking for the military as well as various members of the Royal Family, as a Private soldier right through to Lt Colonel, but whilst that gives me a head start perhaps, as most of us know, sourdough pretty much breaks every rule I’ve ever known when it comes to yeasted products. Few other doughs are as ‘wet’ as sourdough, most other doughs require warmth for proving, none that I can think of would you cold prove, nor bake in a cold oven, put in a freezer for 45 mins before baking and most require some sort of vigorous kneading, not the gentle stretch and fold associated with sourdough.

    Having said that, the day (really just 4-5 hours) was invaluable to me as a learning experience. Up to that point my home starter Herbert had made 20 or 30 loaves with each being a slight improvement on the ones before but I just couldn’t achieve the ‘open structure’ that is associated with sourdough breads. It wasn’t until I’d experienced handling a starter of Elaine’s that felt and looked so different to mine, and a dough that also handled different to mine which Elaine had prepared earlier, (which I was to make myself during the day) was I able to see where my errors were. It really did make so much difference being able to handle it all ‘in the flesh’ as it were. So, an absolute positive for me and that’s before I talk about Elaine herself, her instruction and her hospitality!
    Elaine is clearly passionate about what she does, she does all in her power to make you feel at ease and comfortable and most importantly of all allows things to progress on the course at your pace, making sure that at each stage of the process you understand what you’re doing and why you are doing it! I couldn’t recommend Elaine’s course highly enough and I look forward to sometime in the future working with her again.

  3. Karen Burns-Booth

    I’ve been making Sourdough for several months now using Elaine’s starter Star, but I fancied treating myself to a New Year break, and the chance to perfect my sourdough skills, so I booked myself in (with a friend) to one of her courses.
    It was lovely to finally meet Elaine after all our online conversations and her helpful tips helping me on my sourdough journey.
    The course was wonderful, and I left full of inspiration and ideas to progress and improve with my sourdough baking.
    We were met with a cuppa and then Elaine explained about the different flours we would be using, from strong white bread flour to spelt, kamut, einkorn, rye and emmer. We made different shapes and sizes of bread loaves and bread buns, as well as preparing and baking with spice mixes, seeds and grains.
    Lunch is included in the course and Elaine treated us to some fabulous sourdough focaccia and an assortment of salads and dips.
    We finished the day after shaping and baking our own sourdough loaf, which we took home in a fabulous cotton bag with a packet of Elaine’s sourdough starter, the star!
    I learned so much and Elaine was informative without baffling us with science! It’s not just Perfecting your Sourdough Skills but it’s simplifying sourdough too, with lots of hands on activity and the chance to make invaluable notes.
    Highly recommended and very reasonably priced.

  4. Josephine Coote (verified owner)

    After finding Elaine on Instagram and following for a while I decided to book a course as I very much appreciated her no nonsense approach. She was also kind whenever I asked a question and non judgmental which ties in with the kindness thing. I booked my place and duly got up very early on my day off only to find the roads gridlocked due to an awful accident on motorway. After deciding there was no way I could get there I called Elaine to apologise and yet again she was totally sympathetic and we agreed on another date and I fought my way back home with disappointment. Round 2 was better and fortunately for me it was only myself on the course. What a great fun day we had. Her knowledge is immense as is her patience. She debunked most of my half baked theories with practicality and her no nonsense simplified message made my confidence grow. I had tied myself up in knots trying to perfect my sourdough baking and had convinced myself that this was a dark arts science that I was never going to achieve. Cannot thank her enough -my skills have improved immeasurably and the fear has left me. I now experiment so much and enjoy the whole experience

    If you are considering a course please chose Elaine’s as I guarantee you will not regret it. Please note: ordinary woman with average skills, not paid to endorse but just so glad that she unlocked my brain freeze and gave my the confidence to enjoy my sourdough journey

    Ps Elaine I finally remembered to leave this review -me procrastinating-how very dare you 🤣🤣 🤦🏻‍♀️😂👍🏼👍🏼Xxxx

  5. Ian Fish

    Firstly I am no baker, and rarely do I take time to write reviews, but I feel I need to on this occasion.

    I am an enthusiastic person who wishes to broaden his horizons and learn a new skill. Bread – more importantly sourdough – has fascinated me, and, seemed to me to be a dark art more akin to Voldemort. Flour, water type (so literally where you live!), how rough/gentle you are with the ingredients, and ultimately how kind and considerate you are to your starter. You do speak to your starter too, right?

    I must add that in a quest to feed my family wholesome and homemade delights I have invested – some might say heavily – in courses with highly regarded Sourdough Royalty over the past years. Their instructions and processes were long, confusing and ultimately, the end product rarely lived up to my high expectations.

    Beaten and deflated I questioned myself. What could I do? How can it be so difficult? Why can’t !….?

    Social Media is a network where all things can be found. One day, purely by chance, I happened across a forum (read friendly community) named ‘Foodbod Sourdough – It’s all about the Bread’.

    Intrigued and fascinated with the comments, I visited her friendly, and easy to navigate, website. I read her Master Recipe – No, surely, it can’t be? All in one bowl? No flour all – I mean ALL – over the kitchen anymore? This is way too easy.

    With Bread desperation peaking and being somewhat curious I reached out to Elaine. Wow! What a superstar (with a star ⭐) over e-mail. She took the time to guide me with a few of the basics and that it would work. In my head, I’m thinking it wouldn’t. So I purchased a dry starter and started my Foodbod Journey.

    Long story short – IT WORKS! It really does. So, if you are in any doubt, and I appreciate you don’t know who I am, but if you follow the instructions it will work. Time after time the lid will be lifted on the roasting tin and a glorious homemade loaf will appear with a smell that makes you wish to devour there and then. But wait you must…….

    With success following success it almost seemed too easy! With a newly found sourdough swagger I contacted Elaine to organise a course to build on my basics. Upon arrival, Elaine made me feel at ease, giving me solid advice and little gems to help me navigate the dark art potholes which still do exist. Basically she is my Sourdough Guru!

    In closing, it makes the hours so much more enjoyable to be in an environment of a lovely person with jovial banter, whilst reaping the rewards of baking education.

    Elaine is highly recommended, so go on, be brave, and embrace it. You won’t regret it, not even for a single second……..

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