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4 reviews for Introduction to sourdough course

  1. S. Birch

    Steve from Malvern: I have just attended one of Elaine Foodbod’s Introduction to Sourdough Courses. What an eye-opener! Everything fell into place with an explanation of exactly what a starter is and the the link to the actual bread dough. All terms were explained, the science was at my level (which isnt high) so really brought things to life.. The whole experience was fun and informative from start to finish and I even got to keep the loaf I baked. The lunch was outstanding with everything homemade. I wonder if I will be allowed to come back to repeat the course! If you want to find out about Sourdough Breadmaking then this is the course for you.

  2. Brian, MK

    My personal introduction to baking Sourdough bread – Knowledgeable, Enthusiastic and Great Fun.

    I’ve been a lover of sourdough bread for a while now but the demise of local bakers restricted me to supermarkets. I’ve tried them all with Waitrose being by far the best. But is it real sourdough? I cook a lot at home and bake bread from tv recipes. But none of them really seem to deliver real sourdough bread. So what’s the answer? A sourdough baking course, of course. Hmmmmm.

    Encouraged by my wife who had spotted Elaine on social media, I decided to take the plunge so I booked and went along to Elaine’s course feeling, strange for a retired man, very nervous. Possibly remembering many of the interminably boring management courses I have been forced to attend over the years.

    The course was a good half day’s introduction to baking sourdough bread. The great thing is that it was hands on or should that be hands in! Elaine turned out to be a great enthusiastic and patient teacher, putting me at my ease and explaining at a level of detail that was just right for me. The constant supply of tea and sourdough goodies all adds to the experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching, the baking and the chat. Informality was the key to the day and I went home with some superb self cooked sourdough bread and cheese scones plus course notes to help at home. Boring it was not.

    Elaine clearly explains the methods and the equipment you will need to be a successful home baker. Watching and learning and doing it yourself and learning is key. Since the course, I’ve made my own starter and two loaves and things are looking good. I’ve encountered one or two problems or should that be memory lapses since the course but Elaine has been superb with her help, guidance and sympathy.

    If you love sourdough and want to cook your own, I couldn’t recommend Elaine’s course more highly. Get motivated and try something refreshingly different.

  3. Nisha Kaunda

    The sourdough workshop with Elaine is incredible! This wasn’t just a baking class and Elaine didn’t just teach how to make great sourdough bread. No, what I got was so much more! I got a reminder to simplify life, to enjoy the process and not be scared when things get sticky. Elaine explained every step of the sourdough process with great flow and ease, she didn’t over complicate things and related them in a manner that was easy to understand. The whole day was a fun and joyful experience from the minute we arrived. We went from talking about bread, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones to life, values, competitions and personal development with a beautiful home cooked healthy meal to finish it all off. I didn’t really know what to expect before attending except that I would make sourdough bread but I came away with so much more. Thank you Elaine, let me know when the cooking workshops are available and I’ll be back. Definitely book now if you’re on the edge, you don’t want to miss this gem of a workshop.

    Nisha Kaunda
    Leadership Coach and Trainer

  4. Renu Kaunda

    Renu’s Review

    Having never made bread before, and always wanted to learn, I  was slightly nervous at first as I had heard Sourdough was extremely complicated.   The workshop with Elaine – what can I say…..took away all my fears in the first few minutes, absolutely amazing and I loved every second. Elaine has a beautiful way of teaching and made it simple and effortless in the step by step process. I learned how to make my first sourdough bread and got to take one home…. I learnt how to use the same starter in so many other ways – cheese scones of all things… absolutely to die for and just melted in your mouth.  It was a fun day with a life skill of how to make sourdough bread and an experience that I will never forgot……I am hoping to be baking my own loaf from this point forward and am no longer nervous.  Elaine is a wonderful person who gives you so much more than you can read in a book and I would highly recommend her workshop to do on your own or with a close friend or family member.  I had fun with my sister and it is a memory I will not forget… Thank you Elaine for sharing your knowledge and making it such a lovely day and Oh I forgot to mention I loved your homemade salad and humous  – please do a cooking class – I will be the first to book on…..!

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