Dried starter, single pack

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The single: this pack includes 1 packet of dried starter, plus details for reviving the starter which is ready for use in 24-36 hours.

Buy your starter today and enjoy your very own sourdough very soon, with free delivery and full sourdough power!

Happy Baking!

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*Pack details: dried sourdough starter
Ingredients: flour (WHEAT), water
Allergens shown above in BOLD
Store in a cool dry place.
Pack holds 15g of dried starter

5 reviews for Dried starter, single pack

  1. Renu

    I absolutely love your Instagram posts and your passion for making such beautiful sourdough, having tasted yours I decided to try it myself –
    your starter is amazing I followed your recipe and within 48 hours i made my first ever sourdough loaf it was simpler than I thought and was absolutely beautiful.
    Thank you so much for all your advice you made it simple and easy for me and I will now hopefully be able to make one just like yours.

  2. T Jones

    I love bread making and often make my own however, I’m a total newbie to sourdough bread. Sourdough bread seemed a mystery – you know, you need a starter (that you have to feed ?!), you have to wait for bubbles and then you need a banneton (errm, I might have had to google what that even was!). Then I spotted Elaine making sourdough, which included videos, and maybe I didn’t need all the specialist items, and Elaine was super helpful when I approached her and asked questions.

    So, the day the starter kit arrived, I won’t lie I was nervous, so I put it off for a few weeks until I knew I was around for a couple of days and could really focus. My day finally arrived, I read Elaine’s website a few times to prepare myself, and I fed my starter and a few bubbles appeared, then after an hour nothing… oops, first port of call Elaine. After a few messages I feed the starter again and now I’m on track. Bubbles are full and going, so I start following the instructions and make the mix adding the flour, water and salt. Then you watch and wait. I found that watching doesn’t do much and actually when I left the mixture and returned it had produced bubbles and expanded all on it’s own. I’m still nervous so send Elaine regular updates (yes, even at 11 o’clock at night with pictures). The time finally arrives that I need to turn out my sourdough, for the final prove in the fridge. The turnout is with great anticipation and it definitely looks ‘rustic’. I cook and wait before slicing.. Totally chuffed and it tasted great. Thank you Elaine for your support, the website, videos that I consulted regularly, and most of all just being my very own sourdough coach.

    I will definitely be booking a day course to perfect my techniques.

  3. Denise Allan

    After receiving my dried ‘Star’ sourdough starter from You, I have to confess I was a little nervous. Would I be able to produce such amazing loaves like you? Well…I have just taken my first loaf out of the oven accompanied with a wonderful waft of mouth watering fresh bread smell and it looks the real biz! My hubby and son can vouch for it’s amazing taste too, as half of it seems to have disappeared in the first 10 mins.
    I totally agree with you Elaine…it’s pure magic!

  4. Karen Burns-Booth

    Another happy person here after being introduced to the magic world of sourdough by Elaine! I revived her dry sourdough starter almost as soon as it arrived and hey presto, it works! I made my first loaf using Elaine’s master recipe and it was a triumph – so guess what? I’m completely hooked now! I’ll be ordering another starter to have on hand in case I need to give Sally (that’s my starter) a bit of a leg up if she gets tired, although she’s looking very lively and bubbly still. I’m on my 6th loaf in just 3 weeks, and I’m now starting to add my own little twists such as grains, seeds, herbs and spices. Elaine is so supportive and is always on hand to help and answer my questions…..so, don’t be afraid of making sourdough, Elaine’s starter “star” is indeed a star and is so easy to revive and work with. Thank you Elaine! ? ??

  5. foodbodsourdough

    When making sourdough bread, a good sourdough starter is essential to get your bread to rise as it should, regardless of the flour combination or recipe you’re using. I tried for a long time, unsuccessfully, to get my own starter nice and robust but it just wouldn’t cooperate. Finally I decided to buy some of Elaine’s starter, Star, and what a difference it made!

    She dehydrates her Star at the peak of its strength. Star comes from a long line of Elaine’s starters that have been performing consistently well for many years, and that was evident from the very first loaf I baked.

    When I received my packet of dried starter all I needed to do was to rehydrate it and it was ready to bake with. Elaine provides simple and clear instructions, and in a little over a day I had a fully active starter I could either bake with then or store in the fridge to use later.

    I just can’t say enough about how much more fun baking has become for me now!

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