My breakfast mix loaf…

I’ll be honest, I absolutely love this loaf; the smell, texture and flavour is wonderful! I’ve made a small version before but this time I made a full sized loaf…

I made this loaf with dough that I added a portion of my breakfast mix to. My breakfast mix is packed with oats, seeds and spices, hence the amazing colour from the turmeric, so this loaf is packed with character, as well as the goodness of sourdough and the benefits of all those added ingredients. It is literally a loaf full of fabulousness and goodness!

Here’s what I did:

🌟 I used my master recipe with 400g of type 00 flour (you can use bread flour) with 100g of my breakfast mix (below) to make it up to my usual 500g. I did everything else the same as usual.

🌟 I proved the dough on the counter for a total of 17 hours, this can be a slow dough to prove due to the dough being heavy, the effect of the spices on the dough. Watch it and allow it time to double in size but don’t worry if it takes longer than you’re used to.

🌟 I then pulled the dough together into a ball, rolled it in oats and placed it into my banneton and into the fridge. This video shows how I add the oats for the crust.

🌟 I turned it out, scored and baked it from a cold start 12 hours later. And here it is….

And here’s the inside view…you can see the colour the spices added and peeks of some of the seeds…

My breakfast mix is something I put together in large batches to eat as porridge every morning. I don’t measure it so this is a guide by eye and memory based on filling a large jar:

🌟 70% oats (I use a mix of rolled and thick cut/steel cut oats)

🌟 15% mixed roasted seeds (I use pumpkin, sunflower and linseeds)

🌟 10% milled flaxseeds

🌟 5% my spice mix

Sometimes I throw in chopped roasted nuts or toasted flaked almonds, depending what takes my fancy and what’s it my cupboard.

For the spice mix, again, I never measure out any of the spices, so this is a guide based on what I put in a jar and then shake it up to mix it:

🌟 60% ground cinnamon

🌟 15% ground ginger

🌟 10% ground turmeric

🌟 5% ground nutmeg

🌟 5% ground cardamom

🌟 5% ground cloves & ground black pepper

If you try it, I hope you like it!

12 thoughts on “My breakfast mix loaf…”

  1. This looks like an absolutely lovely loaf. I don’t have a dutch oven and so I was wondering if I could prove and bake this in a loaf pan.

  2. Hi, thank you. You could definitely try it, it may well be quite dense though as the pan will restrict growth as it bakes, but it will taste good!

  3. Made the loaf this weekend. Turned out great! Only thing I didn’t do was roll the finished dough in oats. But me and my sweet tooth; after putting some butter on my slice, I had to add a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon:))

  4. Hi, I am planning to try this combo of spices once for giggles…but I am curious that you mentioned the long 17 hrs bulk…and wondered if you considered the fact that cinnamon is an inhibitor?? It is something I learned way back in the 70’s as a bakers apprentice. NOT saying that one can’t use it…for I do. But I expect results to not be the same IF I add it to the bulk for sure. Just something you might want to consider. Maybe the addition of the ginger (a natural dough conditioner) will counteract. BUT…to test you might want to try less cinnamon or adding it later…to see if you get diff results. OF course you need to test with same ambient temperatures so you can see if it makes difference. Google it. I only know of this from my bakery work when I was young and stupid and didn’t ask questions…I just listened. It is considered by many bakers to be a yeast inhibitor. Now here is some info about tumeric and ginger in bread…which can be quite helpful in right quantities…but scroll down to the conclusions unless you have a microbiology interest…which I do have and read the weird stuff.

    Just something to think about…pertaining to the extended fermentation issue. “Experiment time” as Sune says…LOL!

  5. Hi, thank you for this, very interesting.
    I’ve made this dough before in warmer weather and the dough grew a lot faster so I do think that the cold affected it on this occasion…I’ll do some reading though, thank you 👍🏻

  6. I am trying your master recipe tomorrow , I usually use a castiron combo for the boules but I am going to try for the first-time to make a batard. So, i have an oval black roaster I would like to use, my question to you is how long do I bake and oven temp. Can you help me with that?

  7. Hi, thank you. The baking time would be exactly as it’s written 👍🏻 full details are in the recipe

  8. The timings and temp don’t change for different shapes. The dough size remains the same.

  9. No soaking needed, and the hydration is great because the oats and seeds are replacing a portion of the flour. Have fun!

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