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🌟🌟 Group Bakes 🌟🌟

If you fancy joining me, the next few months, I propose that we work our way through the new book together. This will enable people to bake at their own level and pace, choose which recipe they want to bake and when, and share them along the way. Please ask questions and share outcomes.

Let’s start from the beginning with the master recipe collection; most of you have baked a version of my master recipe, some have baked several, I hope this will be your chance to try it in a different form. Happy baking gang!

🌟 Use the hashtags #thesourdoughwhisperer #groupbake when you share your bakes 🌟

The Master Recipe Sourdough Collection

Baby Master Loaf p72
Baby Master Wedge Rolls p74
Master Recipe Sandwich Loaf p77
Master Recipe Bundt Pan Loaf p81
Master Recipe Pullman Loaf p84
Ends of Bags Master Loaf p86

To help, these are the links to the various pans and items that I use:

Baby master pan

Pullman tin

Or this one

Loaf tin

Loaf tin liners

Bundt tin

Oval pan

8” Dough knife

For bowls, bannetons, pans, jars and more in the US, visit this site: Shana Sourdough

For bowls, bannetons, pans, jars and more in the UK, visit this site: EcoBakerUK

All of the recipes in my book have been made and tested with this flour. If you cannot find it where you are, check out this page for alternatives.

NOTE: these are the exact items that I use, these are not ads, or affiliate links, I am not paid or sponsored by any of these sellers.

Find the book here.

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  1. This sounds a lovely idea. I have just ordered your book and will enjoy participating. I’m in Perth, Western Australia and we are just coming into winter. However it doesn’t get very cold here at all

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